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Smaller. Better.

I am a Vancouver-based business yer and practice management consultant. I help business owners navigate the regulatory web of modern enterprise with legal services spanning corporate and information security . I also work with other yers and firms to help them evolve their legal practices through legal marketing and IT modernization.

is not a firm. It is the idea that professional services can be improved by reducing wasteful overhead and leveraging technology to improve client service. Trusted business counsel, without the fancy pants.

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How can I help?
There’s plenty to do.

Legal Advice

Business Consultations

I offer fixed-fee legal consultations. Starting a business? Need independent legal advice? Want your draft agreements reviewed? I can help. These consultations generally take 1 to 2 hours and can be booked in-person, by phone, or by video conference.

Cost: $300
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Commercial Agreements

I work primarily with service-based enterprises such as engineers, software developers, consultants, marketing agencies, and health professionals. My work focuses on negotiating and drafting services agreements, website policies, and license agreements.

Cost: $260/hour

Information security

I work with organizations on privacy matters, including regulatory compliance and data breach response. These services can be either proactive or reactive. My advice follows PIPEDA, PIPA, GDPR, and anti-spam regulations (CASL) requirements.

Cost: $260/hour

Corporate Records Management

BC & Federal Incorporation

I make companies. This starts with advising you on the structure of your business before moving forward with the incorporation filing and the creation of a virtual record book.

BC Cost: Starting at $800
Fed Cost: Starting at $900

Corporate Clean-ups

Did you self-incorporate with minimal documentation or neglect the paperwork for a few years? I can help. I work with business owners to fill gaps in their corporate records.

Cost: $260/hour*
*often fits within a fixed-fee consultation

Registered Records Office

Every company is required to maintain a registered office and a records office. I serve this function for many clients while maintaining a virtual record book for remote access.

Cost: $300/year

Firm Consulting

Legal platform Integration

I help firms integrate applications, customize applications to match their workflows, and code documents for document automation. I also work on staff training and data migrations between platforms.

Cost: $210/hour

Firm IT Audits

I work with yers and firms in identifying a path forward for their IT infrastructure and legal workflows. Audits generally run 3 hours with an emphasis on migrations, systems integration, costs, and training/support.

Cost: $600+tax

Legal Marketing

I have over 8 years of legal marketing experience with firms ranging in size from sole-practitioners to large national firms. The focus of my ongoing legal marketing work is in managing Google Ad campaigns for firms.

Cost: $210/hour

You can’t practice what you ain’t invented yet.
— Wayne Shorter, Jazz Musician

Please Allow Me to Introduce Myself

My name is Jeremy Hessing-Lewis. I work out of The Aviary at Fraser + Kingsway in delightfully rainy Vancouver. My LinkedIn profile should help you determine whether I am qualified to work with you. My bio page is to help you decide if you want to work with me.

Meet Jeremy?

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